Kiran Madan RYT, RMT

Namaste, My name is Kiran and I am your yoga teacher. I am a certified yoga teacher with a 350hrs certificate in comprehensive study course from East to West Yoga, taught at 5 Elements Yoga Studio by Michelle Cormack. I am also a certified Pilates Mat Instructor and a Reiki Master in Usui system of healing arts and Registered Massage Therapist.

Being born in India yoga was always around me but I did not get drawn to it until I was suffering from an acute lower back pain, which was crippling me down. I started doing yoga with a stiff back and tight hamstrings, but the results turned out to be amazing and this personal practice guided me to a new insight and has become a nurturing part of my life. It also brought the faith in me that yoga is for every one; one doesn't have to be a certain body type or have a temperament to do yoga.

I believe yoga is a powerful vehicle to heal emotional and energy blockages, enhancing deeper levels of self-acceptance and better understanding of others.

Whether you practice yoga to attain spiritual health or achieve psycho-physiological benefits, it's a wonderful system that guides you to develop a deeper experience of yourself and the world. And it makes you feel really good.

Photo of Kiran Madan in side plank poseI try to maximize the inner awareness of my students and to listen to themselves, and encourage them to go to the highest levels of their ability. My classes are designed to meet the physical and emotional needs of my students to bring stress levels down and encourage peace and positive thinking in their day-to-day lives by simply connecting them to their breath.

My endeavor is to help my students to connect positively with their bodies, spirits and mind.

I continued studying and practicing yoga after coming to Canada as well, and it has emerged as a strongest passion for me. I wish to spread the message of yoga to everyone and share the joy of yoga with as many people as possible.

I don't know what has drawn you to yoga, whether you are looking for flexibility, strength, focus, peace or discover yourself but I'm sure of one thing that if you have taken the first step then don't stop there. Pick up the phone and call me…. Let's connect to our inner self with this great practice.